I’m a Christian Vote for Trump

Reason 3 to Vote for Trump is I’m a Christian Vote

As a Christian I will Vote for Trump. Christians have a duty and responsibility to vote. It is not an option, we must choose, choosing to deflect responsibility to vote is a choice with consequences.

Duty and Responsibility

Duty and responsibility are strong words connecting the Christian vote. Voting is a moral obligation we are expected to complete. The foundation of Christian Faith is individual free will. But free will is not limited to belief alone it’s serving and doing what is expected. From the beginning God includes people’s decisions in how society will function, even at great failure. Without free will humans would be no more than pawns, slaves, and drones. God has supported free will to choose who will lead us. God will not impose a leader on us just because we stay home but He will magnify our efforts when we choose well.

America resulted from individuals fighting against religious and political oppression, resulting in the Constitution to preserve the individual freedom to choose who governs. America exposed the world to the beauty and challenge of free will. Historically we have experienced many growing pains associated with freedom, it’s messy but the alternative is oppression.

Vote for Trump
Trump most reflects my beliefs and doesn’t openly defy them so I am a Christian Vote for Trump.


The division of powers and the Constitution protect freedom. The Declaration of Independence includes the unalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It goes on to describe the oppressive behavior of the crown which can be easily correlate in modern terms with the power, deeds, and intent of the opponent. A Christian vote for Trump is a vote to restore freedom and division of power, to revive our Judeo-Christian heritage, and secure our future as a free and united nation under God. It’s a vote for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Many accusations and video’s are bombarding our senses to distract, deflect, and distort the issues and the candidates stand on them. You know the list but near the top of mine is the Johnson amendment. Unions, corporations, and individuals can now speak with respect to political interest but non-profits can not. The largest block of conservative and Christian action is locked into a don’t-ask-don’t-tell law gagging the voice of those who fought to create this great land of freedom. Trump is committed to reviewing it. A Christian vote for Trump says my faith matters and has a voice in politics.


Community Values

Christian Voter Guide has links to eight other information centers

Pros and Cons to changing the Johnson Amendment

Voting your faith should be easy this election, Christ calls me sister. God knit me together in my mother’s womb. Only Trump agrees my faith matters so I will Vote for Trump.

©2016 ElayneJCross


Reason 2 Vote For Trump

2nd Reason to Vote For Trump – Not Against her

Vote for Trump because he is a businessman, the second in a series looking at our choice this November. Seeking reasons to Vote for Trump not just against the other. People study business and start businesses but few reach the billion dollar level. Is this a valuable asset to being chosen for president? YES, here are 4 reasons why.

OneTrump has Earned Billions

September 29, 2016, Trump is worth 4.5 Billion according to Forbes, number 324 of wealthy individuals. The list includes billionaires from innovative technology, science, and wealth management. The 400 wealthiest people in the United States  represent $2.4 trillion collectively, just twelve percent of our national debt. Earning billions results from providing a service or product others find valuable, innovative, and worthy of spending money on. Many billionaires also make money investing in other businesses.

Two – Trusted with Investment  

Yes Trump’s grandmother invested a small amount comparatively in his initial idea but Donald had big dreams and big plans so she set him free to try. Donald Trump worked hard and built a reputation that has earned him the trust of investors.

Growing the Trump brand requires working with other companies and organizations. Trump has virtually 100 % name recognition because of his focus building the Trump brand. His reputation to get things done opens doors and opportunities. Any company at this level needs investment and collaboration of others while success pivots on leadership.

Three – Leadership Skills

Effective leaders are engaged, active, and responsible for their businesses success. Donald Trump’s leadership and management of the Trump Organization and brand has exceeded Elizabeth Trump & Son’s potential. His unique style is revealed in part through The Apprentice. Although a  TV show, a good deal of his style is exposed including his willingness to listen to input, change his mind, enforce a time line and expect high standards. Employees describe him as generous, merciful, compassionate, and giving while also calling him firm, demanding, and organized.

Four – Negotiation Skills

Trump has written on negotiating and one of negotiations basic skills is The Ask. Simply asking for something can move a negotiation in your favor, even after the deal is secured. Successful businessmen negotiate constantly from the cost of raw materials to the time and place of a meeting. Excellent negotiation alone can generate business success limiting costs and controlling outcomes.

Reason 2 to Vote for Trump is he’s a Businessman.

Politicians don’t create jobs, poor and lower wage earners don’t hire people for full time work businessmen like Donald Trump do. Successful businessmen calculate the costs, cast a vision and through leadership work it into reality. Making America great by reducing the debt, increasing employment and creating a budget takes a businessman as president. The U.S. government employs about 22 million people and creates nothing, no wealth and no asset. An experienced businessman can trim and cut where necessary while creating an environment where employers hire for high skill, high quality, high pay positions.

Will you Vote For Trump? Do we need some business sense in Washington D.C.?

©2016 Elayne J Cross


Big G little g what begins with g?

Big G
George lost his gold in a gorge! What is he to do?

Big G little g what begins with g?

Identifying objects by the first letter is an activity used to teach people the relationship between a letter and its sound. Giraffe and gold both begin with g but represent the two different sounds of the letter. J and g sound the same but are used differently. There are rules to help students learn, such as I before e except after c…

Big G little g

Capitalization is based on whether a noun is proper or common. Proper nouns include names and titles; George versus gorge. One a person’s name, the other a valley. Is government a proper noun? Should it be capitalized?

The word government describes the controlling structure of an organization or country. The United States government is divided into three distinct branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. These separate-but-equal branches were established to function as checks-and-balances to prevent the rise of a governing class.

What is the difference between God and god?

Little g god, represents a non-specific object of worship. Big G God, refers to the Most High God, the God of the Bible for Christians and Jews. God is a specific god.

Government or government?

On the other hand government is not a proper noun and should only be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence. Yet many people look to government is if it’s God, or Government.

Government overreach is a subjective topic, how far is too far and what can or should be beyond the governments reach? Before you answer, first let’s define the responsibilities of the individual. People of faith, Christians and Jews, look to God as the source of life, liberty, happiness, provision, protection, peace, and strength. Subjective to these truths, God established the provision and authority of government.

Moses followed Jethro’s advice to created a leadership network over the Israelite’s. God set apart the priest’s to complete all the requirements of the Law, and Prophets to speak for Him. Within the relationship between God and government individuals rely on God, and the church, with their needs related to life, liberty, happiness, provision, protection, peace, and strength along with the essential human connection of community.

When government possesses the responsibility to meet the needs of individuals its role is elevated to God. Making government – Government. Let me offer an example.

Desperate and broken people looking help are sent to the government welfare office. The help they receive is machine-like. Their unique situation is quantified in generalities of dollars and cents. In essence the individual becomes dehumanized to a number on a piece of paper. The government solution includes a set of regulations and limitations creating in essence a master-slave relationship. Individuals quickly become entrapped and true freedom becomes expensive. There is little human interaction in the process leaving the person with a fish but no skills to fish. It’s important to eat. It’s hard to teach yourself how to fish when you are in distress. So more and more freedom is willingly relinquished to the master-government for some daily fish and bread.

God not government

God is a proper noun. Proper nouns signal a distinct person, place, or thing. The One and only God versus generic government. God gives you a name. He knows how many hairs are on your head, and cares deeply for you. To government you are a number, case number, social security number, ID number all easily sorted, tracked, and forgotten.

Government isn’t evil, it’s ordained by God. But when we look to government to fill the role of God, it blocks the true source of life, liberty, and happiness. It strips your identity to a number: social security, welfare, or prison ID. Government serves a God ordained role in society but it’s limited, and mechanical.

No one is without value to God, therefore no one should be without value to us. People in distress desperately need someone to care and human connections. Finding value as a child of God ignites the spark of encouragement to learn to fish.

Human connections make the difference. Your identity comes from the Father and is unique and special just for you. God desperately wants a relationship with you. When people in need seek the big G of God and His people, blessings flow. Chains are broken. Identities are restored. And Freedom reigns.

Your Turn

How are you serving others as an ambassador of God? Where do you turn first? Are you accessible to those in distress around you? Share your story below, I would love to hear about it


Cultivating a Worship Lifestyle

Worship Lifestyle

When a person first comes to Jesus, it can be compared to the first blind date in a new relationship; the history is short, but the future is bright and promising. Corporate worship at church is a platform for believers to communicate with God and to learn how to hear Him communicate with us.

Creating a personal attitude of a worship  lifestyle is how we give thanks in all things and in all our ways acknowledge Him. The more history we have with Jesus, the more we are able to know the love He has for us. The more we love God, the better we get at loving others. A Worship lifestyle is acknowledging God in all things, His “worth-ship.”

Your body is called the temple of God because when you trust Jesus, He sends the Holy Spirit to live within you. The Holy Spirit speaks with your spirit, the part of you that desires a relationship with God. The Holy Spirit interacts and can influence your soul, the human part of you that is your thoughts, will, and emotions.

The Holy Spirit also gives each of us gifts. The first gift He gives each of us is the sense of completeness as that missing piece, the God-shaped hole in our spirits, is filled. The Holy Spirit assists you in living the Christian life. The evidence of this is a more keen awareness that some of the things that you enjoyed now seem wrong; that is the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Another is in the fruit of the Holy Spirit; love, joy, peace, mercy and other responses seem more authentic than they did before. As you learn more about God’s character through worship, the Spirit’s fruit will become more abundant and effective in your life. Challenging situations become less challenging when you know more about trusting and depending on God through the Holy Spirit.

worship lifestyle
“In response to all God has done for us, we worship.” Wounded Church

In response to all God has done for us, we worship. The worship lifestyle we develop as a result of the relationship we cultivate with Him. Some of the sweetest ways we communicate to God is when we acknowledge the abundant, expansive blessings and love that He has shown us. When the presence of God becomes profound, the cares and thoughts of life flee and the abundant grace of Heaven fills every space. Worshiping God for all He has done for us is not just an event but a mindset and a way of life.

Exposing a Worship Lifestyle

  • When you accepted Jesus, the Holy Spirit came to live within you.
  • When you go about your day and realize God does not ever leave you because He lives within you, you develop a lifestyle of worship.
  • When you go to work and do what needs  done, you worship by using the skills and abilities He has given you.
  • When you come home to your family and love your spouse and children, you worship.
  • When you collect your pay check, acknowledging God’s provision and gifts, you worship.
  • When you honor and acknowledge the gifts and talents of others, you worship.
  • When you do things for others or give your offering, you worship.
  • When you sing praise to God, you worship.
  • When you take time to learn about God and listen to His small voice within, you worship.

So as you prepare to attend Sunday Service keep in mind that you are in training to see and hear what God has for you. Then use the rest of the week to acknowledge God in all things, Worship!

Excerpt from my book Wounded Church to be published soon! Stay connected to read more about it.

Share your worship by commenting below a way or two you live out your worship lifestyle!


Be My Vision

Opportunity fuels a vision, you do your best then wonder was it good enough.

Have you had the privilege of having God stir your heart? It sounds profound and it was, it is. Who am I that the creator of the universe would reach out and so clearly remind me I matter to Him? Wow, God touched me!

Over the last two weeks I have studied to facilitate a lesson for my life group. Ordinarily Sam, a gentleman twenty years my senior and even more in faith, fills that roll. Yet, he asked if anyone would like to lead a lesson. I love the opportunity to study and share, noticing one lessons was Esther, I volunteered.

He was pleased and I was excited.

On Saturday my excitement turned to unrest. It was the day of the meeting. I tried to go over my notes, seek God’s direction, and be well prepared. It didn’t go unnoticed I was a woman facilitating a group of couples from a conservative denomination. When I offered, I rejected the gender issue because the topic was Esther. Whispers of doubt and rejection flitted through my mind trying to discourage me. Music soon took over my thoughts.

During the week I had heard a hymn I wanted to share. I hadn’t heard it in a long time but it constantly came to mind. On Saturday I saw how it reflected Esther. She must go to the king, uninvited, and plead for the life of her people.

I felt an anxiety I haven’t felt about teaching for a long time. I have grown to love and respect these people, would they – did they – hold enough favor for me to show up, respond, or participate? As my husband drove I found the song on my phone and my nerves settled immensely. Pulling into the drive I knew it was time to step out and just do it.

We were a minute late and only one other person had arrived. Discouragement tried again as Sam offered me his seat at the head of the table. More arrived, we filled our plates and cups and I began with the hymn. Be thou my vision performed by Rend Collective. A determination to finish filled me even while a constant awareness of who participated and who didn’t kept picking at me through the evening.

When God uses a song, over and over again He is trying to encourage you or direct your path. Stop and seek Him in prayer.

When all was finished, I closed the meeting with prayer. Doubt dance through my thoughts. ‘Should I have had Sam or Bryan close the time of prayer?’ I responded thinking “I drew out the important points, made applications to life, and many people participated.” I had completed the task yet …

I realized it wasn’t her, or any persons approval I was seeking but God’s.

As we drove home my husband said we could attend Sam’s church. We had visited a few times but still had our own home church.

I have to admit I wondered if anyone would mention how I did. I didn’t want approval or praise as much as I didn’t want rejection even if it was just through silence. When I approached Jeanette and she told those with her what a great job I did I realized it wasn’t her, or any persons approval I was seeking but God’s. Had I completed the task I volunteered for? Was Father God pleased with how I shared His truth for us today?

The service got underway and I felt calm but not an assurance. As the intro to the second song started my heart leapt. I knew immediately what the song was and assurance was mine. At some time the music director planned this hymn, and God knew it. God touched me with an ‘atta-girl’. Even the sermon resonated with God being there when we need Him.

Keeping my vision in line with His

I try to keep the Lord ‘my best thought in the day and night, His presence my light.’ I want Him to be my “inheritance now and always; the first in my heart; the Sovereign of heaven my treasure, not man’s empty praise.’

  • High King of heaven, my victory won.
  • May I reach Heaven’s joys, O heaven’s bright sun,
  • Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
  • still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.

Have you had an opportunity you turned to a vision you executed but needed assurance that God sent? Have you had God send several versions of a similar verse or song that increased your courage and strength to carry on? Comment below I would love to hear your story. If you like this or it has encouraged you share it with a friend or share on Facebook.

©2016 Elayne Cross



Tuesday with Monique

Tuesday seems to be a day I have to be ready. Several Tuesday’s last year and two this have required strength I lack. What is with the second day of the school week? As I sat to write this I turned on Pandora and the first song that played stopped me and reminded me what I need is just a prayer away.

This school year has been rough to say the least. Growing up with autism is hard work!!

Week One

Tuesday following Christmas break I had to pick up my daughter Monique because she refused to go to ‘work’. Work is a transition training program with the local high school to prepare her to work/serve in some way after graduation.

Wednesday I kept her home because she refused to shower on Tuesday. Can’t go to school or work stinky.

Week Two

Monday she refused to get out of bed because her alarm didn’t go off, she forgot to turn it on and I forgot to check. She was late but had a good day.

Today is Tuesday!

She was argumentative and forgot her key. I texted her teacher to see if Monique could make it without me bringing her key to school. She has to use a lock with a key because the combination is too difficult. He responded he was home sick and the kids would not go to work. Immediately thinking, ‘I should just go pick her up, she has a substitute aid and now a substitute teacher.’ Before I could decide the school name showed up on caller ID. Expecting her voice I was only slightly surprised to hear the principal greet me.

She kicked another student and would be suspended for three days.

Really what is the point in her going on Friday? It’s one day then the weekend. Then it’s just one Monday away from Tuesday!


From the schools side they are looking toward the ten days of suspension mark. Where protocols collide with disabilities at a manifestation hearing.

We already had one manifestation hearing this year. At a manifestation hearing the education team gathers (special education teacher, regular ed. teacher, administrator, director of student services, school psychologist, parents, case manager from county DD, and others).

  1. First determine if the behavior is related to the disability. Absolutely.
  2. Second establish a plan of action to understand, control, or modify the behavior in question. I wish I knew how! This behavior is new and unpredictable.

Silent tears fall. I pull myself together, scrape the new fallen snow from the van, and head out, praying all the way. I pray through the Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. I add Surrender.

Prayer anchors me

I can’t imagine riding this roller coaster without the comfort prayer offers. Is it a crutch? You bet it is because I would never be able to stand on my own. When we return home the tears fall again and I begin gathering support. A call to action, my texts go to family and friends explaining the situation and our needs; wisdom, tools, insights, and clarity to help Monique communicate clearly and express her emotions, needs, and wants less aggressively and violently. Peace for my heart and good decisions. Prayer is the first and best reaction when life blind-sides me.


When we call out for assistance the worst thing that can happen is no response. I had called out, to God, to friends, to my husband. Assurance and support came from those who love me, texts of prayers and encouragement blew up my phone. The most powerful was the response I got from God. It could have gone unnoticed but I have practiced my listening, and I work to maintain connection. Not only did God use people I know but music by Casting Crowns and Brandon Heath also touched my weakness with His strength. I opened a document that held encouragement from my other daughter from 2012.

Do you know someone who has special needs? Autism? Downs Syndrome? Birth Defects? Genetic Defects? Do you know someone who cares or helps support them? Comment below with a first name and commit to pray for them, I will join you and together may God’s Kingdom come into their lives and bless them.


Abusive Relationship?

If you are in danger, please use a safe computer, computers leave trails and searching can make you vulnerable, or call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

Has someone told you you’re in an abusive relationship?


You don’t deserve abuse, you can identify it and get free from it. You are worth it!

Did someone show this to you and beg you to answer the questions honestly?

If you are a concerned friend or family member – print this and be VERY careful when you share it.

Please take a minute and ask yourself.

Do I…

  • feel like I’m walking on egg-shells
  • avoid topics I know will stir angry outbursts
  • fear the police because of threats made by my partner
  • cover up what the relationship is really like and how I feel
  • lack freedom to say what we do, where we go, or to say no
  • have to have sex against my will
  • fear leaving because of threats
  • fear staying because of threats
  • make excuses for the things my partner says and does
  • have needs going unmet
  • lack the funds to buy what I need
  • agree just to keep the peace


The abuser…

  • Spends money on personal enjoyment
  • Doesn’t like my family so I don’t see them much, or at all
  • Gets possessive if I spend time with friends
  • Is judgmental
  • Accuses me of cheating
  • Controls the money
  • Doesn’t take personal responsibility for his/her behavior
  • Uses my religious beliefs to support the abuse
  • Will just look at me in public and I know I did something wrong and make me afraid
  • Checks up on me – comes to my work, calls me, drives by where I’m at
  • Has destroyed some of my things, especially personal or emotionally valuable things
  • Controls what clothing I wear either by ridicule and humiliation or commanding I change
  • Controls who we spend time with, and limits time with unapproved people
  • Uses my emotions against me, especially crying
  • Threatens to beat me up, punch me, or kill me
  • Threatened to divorce or leave me and take everything
  • Threatened to take away my kids
  • Ridicules my accomplishment, creativity, and ideas
  • Blames me or others for problems and everything that goes wrong
  • Has physically hit, choked, poked, pulled my hair
  • Has used physical or emotional means to keep me home

Abuse is physical, emotional, and psychological.

It can be predominantly emotional and psychological, but it’s still abuse. If you answered yes to less than five questions above you may still be in an abusive relationship. Fear and control are the root of abuse. If you have become submissive to limit the abuse, you are in a temporary state of calm.

Emotional and psychological abuse are verbal. This wears away at your identity and value. Often it is this type of abuse leads victims to believe they deserve it, can control it, and it’s normal.

If you are in danger, please use a safe computer, or call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

You don’t deserve abuse! You can’t control an abuser! Abuse is NOT normal! It’s NOT OK!

If you want more information about how to  get away safely (or help someone) comment below. I did it, so can you.

©Jan 2016 Elayne Cross


This New Year

Not Another Resolution

Thanksgiving and Christmas are filled with memories of the year behind. New Year’s is almost here and I wonder what it will bring, goals to aspire, and things relinquish. Goals and dreams get dusted off and hope is renewed. This New Year I want more than resolutions that go incomplete!

Often this time of year brings emotions or an unsettledness that can hover like a fog lacking clarity or form. Feeling something grey that can’t be define or explain. The dream becomes outrageous. The hope is reduced to a reality check. My reality and my ability come into focus reducing my expectations to minimal levels. This sounds like depression but it’s not. I call it acceptance.

When this reality check invades my thoughts I get stuck on accepting the things I believe I can’t change. The things I really hope for, goals, and ambitions seem stuck in my limited thinking. I get stuck in the Serenity Prayer, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change. I lack muster to finish; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. My memories, my thinking, my reality encourage me to accept nothing will change. For This New Year I am rewriting this prayer to the Prayer of Courage.

Courage Prayer
This New Year I want more than a resolution, I want a transformation available through the Courage Prayer that builds courage, wisdom, and peace from God.

Lord God fill me with courage to change the things I should change, the wisdom to know what I can’t change, and Your Peace to accept the difference.

Courage to Change

My direction, if I am moving away from God I need to change directions and move toward Him. Not because He has rules and extreme expectations for my life. Not because people who turn toward God are a bunch of hypocritical, judgmental, near-do-wells. Because God loves me and has plans for my life that are better than anything I can even imagine. Because I will be sharing life with others, like me, who don’t have it figured out, don’t behave perfectly, and even hurt people but recognize we can help each other get a little better every day. Without God in my life I can’t do the rest.

My view of others. Everyone has a story and issues. When you encounter me on my bad day I want you to understand. That means I have to understand when I encounter you on your bad day. Put myself in your shoes, empathize with your situation, and pray the courage prayer for you. Love people where they are, how they are, regardless of anything else because God loved me when I was at my worst. God loves through people.

My view of myself. Self-talk and self-care are important. How well I do at that depends on what I believe. Through life’s struggle we all begin to accept things about ourselves we believe to be true. They aren’t. The reason I would reduce my dreams and goals was because I believed that was all I was worthy of. Others believe they deserve much but still feel like they haven’t gotten all they deserve. It takes courage to confront what you think about yourself. Benign or malicious things can be twisted into beliefs that are based in lies.

Wisdom to know what I can’t change.

God Truth is beyond time. God loves us, everyone. There is no one that is too far gone for God to not accept and love them. God has a desire to bless you, direct you, and use you. God won’t force you to do anything. He’s a gentleman, He always waits for you to talk to Him, and always give you the choice.

God gave all people free-will. We can’t force someone to behave or do something they don’t want to. God will never force them. Unfortunately that means they are free to do hurtful or evil things. I control me. You control you. People can love unlovable people. And people can do very unlovable things. I can’t control what you are going to do but I can control how I respond to you.

Peace to accept.

  • I have to accept my choices, good and bad.
  • I am responsible for who I let influence me and my choices.
  • I am responsible for how I respond to others behavior.
  • I can love and share life with others.
  • I can love from afar.

What others say about me doesn’t define me. How others treat me doesn’t determine my worth. God created life. I am alive and God doesn’t make junk – that defines me. God values me.

Pray This New Year

I want more than a resolution, I want a transformation that will last beyond 2016. Pray the Courage Prayer and as you do start going through the things I have identified above. Make them personal to you and your situation. Take time to be still and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. If you are not sure how to get started, comment below and I will email you the beginnings of a prayer for each day of January. The key to a great New Year is connecting with God in prayer each day.

Dear Lord,

Lord God fill me with courage to change the things I should change, the wisdom to know what I can’t change, and Your Peace to accept the difference. I want to draw closer to You This New Year. By the end of the year I want to celebrate the changes I will make with your help and the peace I need in many areas of my life. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Advent Prophets

Advent Journey Day 8 – Advent Prophets

With advent priests, Advent Prophets. God spoke to the Patriarchs; Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. The nation of Israel expanded and the priests did their best to complete their duties faithfully. But they were human and their pay was dependent on their services rendered, so evil found a way in. The priests operate as the hands of God while Prophets speak from the heart of God. There were several priests, but few prophets. Their roles distinct and complementary.

Advent Prophets 2015
God sent seven Advent to point us toward the Advent Son; hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets.

Prophets are filled with the Spirit and spoke directly from God becoming His human messenger. Prophets blessed and anointed but they also warned and condemned. If a prophet’s message didn’t happen, they were killed. This eliminated most temptation to tell people what they wanted to hear to earn extra pay. Their few numbers made their message valuable and important. Many people feared the prophet because he had a tendency to tell you all that you had done.

Prophetic Blessing

God told the Prophets what He wanted blessed and to speak it over the person or area. Balaam was a Prophet who was hired to curse someone, God intervened. Then Balaam saw it was Israel. He told his employer he couldn’t curse what God had blessed, and went on to bless Israel’s camp.

Blessings also came in the form of anointing. Samuel anointed David to be king and Elijah anointed Elisha to be the Prophet to replace Elijah.

Prophetic Curse

Similar to blessings if they come from God, they will happen. Both anointed blessing and curses can be instant or for some time in the future. David was anointed King as a youth but didn’t become king until he was thirty years old. A standing rule of curses is that if God blessed it, you can-not curse it, unless you want the curse on yourself. This is the general belief behind why Noah cursed Canaan and not Ham. Canaan was much like his father and God blessed Ham.

Prophetic message

A prophetic message takes two forms. The first is a revelation of knowledge about someone’s past or current behavior. The Prophet Nathan was sent to David to confront him about Bathsheba and Uriah. This message revealed God was calling David into account for raping Bathsheba and killing Uriah. The message then went on to talk about what was going to happen. This is the second type of prophetic message, a foretelling of what is yet to happen.

Advent Prophets

God acts as a prophet and tells some people directly things about themselves or what’s going to happen. The Patriarchs, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all prophetic. After the ordination of priests, God called or anointed Prophets to speak through. God ordered and orchestrated His Plan for the Advent Son. Potions of His Plan were foretold through His Prophets.

Bible as memorial and Prophetic Message

The Old Testament is grouped under two major names; The Law and The Prophets. However Hebrew Scripture, also called the Old Testament, is divided into three divisions; The Law (Torah), The Prophets (Nebhim), and The Writings (Kethubim). These three words for the word TaNaKh to denote the Hebrew Scriptures.

Advent Journey Continues

During this Advent Journey I am intentionally not using any Scripture beyond the TaNaKh while we seek God’s Prophetic Messages concerning the Promised Son that He told Eve would crush the head of the serpent and finalize the curse.

God not only shared information through His Prophets He preserved it through the Written TaNaKh. Some prophetic is clear such as when Samuel anointed David to be king. Some prophetic messages are symbolic like when Nathan described David’s actions as a rich ruler stealing the only sheep of a countryman.

During this journey we have looked at how God has sent hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets to direct us toward the coming Son, the Advent Son. With these seven Advents along with the TaNaKh we will continue our journey through Scripture toward the Advent Son.

Heavenly Father,

Creator of all that is seen and unseen, You alone are worthy of praise and worship. Your mercy reached down and formed me to be part of Your plan. I am undone knowing You desire to hear my praise, and bless the work of my hands. Thank You Lord for the blessings You have sent. The blessing of hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets.

Thank You for preserving Your Holy Scriptures to remind me of Your abundant love and justice. Holy God I ask You give me ears to hear what You are revealing in Your Word. Bless my eyes to see Your move in my life and where You would have me serve You by serving Your children. Thank You for this opportunity to dig through Your Word and learn more about Your love for me.

In Jesus Name, Amen

©2015 Elayne Cross


Joy in Simple Things

Joy in Simple Things
Have you lost some of that childlike joy? Seek out the Simple Things in life for a boost.

Thanksgiving is like a dry run for the larger December holidays. Parties to host or attend fill my calendar. Someone experiencing it for the first time can be overwhelmed. Living with a developmentally disabled child at the holidays brings another added layer of two extremes. She doesn’t outgrow it and she can’t prepare mentally for it. Today it’s all about Christmas Joy in Simple Things. Simple Things is my term used to describe my daughter, and those like her who has developmental disabilities.

Outgrow Christmas?

Christmas is a special time of year. Christians around the world celebrate the first Advent of Christ. Nonreligious folks enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of joy it brings. Christmas is the one time of year we are all encouraged to set aside differences and forgive. We show others we love them through well wishes and gifts. No one wants to be a Scrooge. Children readily believe in Santa for a season. Then they go through many funky stages of liking and hating Christmas. As they grow to adults they outgrow some of the childlike vestiges and move on to adult like behavior. By eight most children know Santa is mom and dad having fun. They may tolerate the game a few more years but the fantasy is exposed.

My daughter believes in Santa, she’s eighteen.

Funny thing is I never told my kids Santa was real. I didn’t want to lie to my children, so I told them Santa was mom and dad. There was a bit of family drama one year when my oldest told my sisters youngest Santa was just her parents. My sister was not happy. She knew it was probably her last Christmas where Santa was real and the excitement would be palpable. Apparently her older boys were sympathetic to their little sister’s childishness, she was the baby after all. Try as we may to fix the damage the seeds of truth would not be uprooted from my nieces mind. It’s been about eighteen years since that fateful Christmas and my youngest believes.

Monique’s a fighter so don’t try too hard to change her mind. I tell her I’m Santa and she accepts my words. However, the truth is revealed when someone asks her. People in the mall or church trying to continue the joy get a bit of fun seeing her light up at the thought. She starts to bounce up and down thinking of Santa swinging by with his sled and reindeer. Maybe the joy is real because she hasn’t hit the point where Christmas is about a wish-list turned expectations. Maybe I’m cruel, often I’m just on a budget, but my children have never gotten everything they asked for. It good to have a few birthday ideas for the after Christmas sales.

Holding on and Letting Go

My sister was holding onto something she would be forced to relinquish. Her children, beautifully normal would all one day leave childhood behind. Knowing things will change gave her a desperate hope to have just one more magical Christmas. It seems I will never fully move beyond the idea of Santa. As friends refine their celebration I get to continue the simplicity and joy of childhood. Sure it can be exhausting but she never rolls her eyes or speaks negatively at any childlike antics I want to enjoy.

Find Joy in Simple Things

If you need a little pick-me-up or reminder of joy, watch a child at Christmas. If that child is an adult who talks or walks a little funny, join in. When someone asks Monique about Christmas I can never guess what will come out of her mouth, but it will make you laugh. While shopping yesterday she revived the joy of Christmas in two young ladies hurrying to find the particular gift. How do I know? The countenance of the faces went from – ‘I’m in a hurry here’ to ‘I’m going to laugh about this for weeks to come.’

It’s your turn. Do you know some of God’s Simple Things? Do they infect you with their Joy for life? Were you encouraged? Comment below.

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