First Fruits

Advent Journey Day 20

First Fruits

The first born of man was Cain, The hope of promise in Cain was lost. But God had a Plan, He redeemed the First Fruits


It took the death of the first born of man and beast for pharaoh to finally release the Israelite’s. The significance is celebrated for every first born Jewish son for all time. Does the significance of first born relate to the Promised Son?

First Son of Man

The first born son of Adam and Eve was Cain. The second son was Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel a shepherd. In time they both brought a sacrifice to God. How the offerings are described reveals some interesting things. Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground. Abel brought from the firstlings of his flock. If we read that and the following verses that say God regarded Abel’s offering but not Cain’s the first thought would be – Abel’s was of his first born. Yet I left out the word ‘also’. Abel also brought of the firstlings of his flock.

Able also brought an offering or also brought of firstlings. Whenever something is or isn’t noted in the Bible that causes you to stop and wonder, it’s intentional. We know they both brought offerings to God. We know Abel’s was from his firstlings. We know God had respect for Abel and his offering, and none for Cain or his offering. Cain was sad and God went to console him.

God Speaks, Cain Speaks

God went to Cain and explained although he failed, God was still there for him. Cain needed to choose to do right because sin wanted to control him. Cain held the power to choose good or evil.

Cain went and spoke to Abel. We don’t know what he said, but we know he chose evil and killed Abel.

Adam and Eve brought death into the world, their first born brought murder. Cain was comparing himself to Abel and struck him dead. The hope of promise in Cain was lost. Another son, another time.

First Born

When they left Egypt God told the Israelite’s the first born belong to Him. He had redeemed them, purchased them when he passed over the doorways with the blood of the lamb on them. Every first born is to be devoted to God and every first born that is male belong to God. The first born male beasts had to be sacrificed or redeemed with a lamb. All sons must be redeemed with a lamb.

For whatever reason Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted, Abel’s was a firstling and this is significant. First born sons became so honored within Israel they received the majority or all of an inheritance, and were the next patriarch of the family. Any deviation from this protocol is significant and like any anomaly in Scripture worthy of a closer look.

First Fruits

When God commanded the feasts and convocations they included an offering of First Fruits. The first day after the Sabbath of Passover was the day to offer First Fruits at the temple. This was when the first crops of grain were coming green.

The Israelite’s were to take a sheaf of new grain and present it to the priest at the temple. The priest is to wave it before the LORD to be accepted. A male lamb, one year old and without defect was to be offered as a burnt offering. No new grain or crop was to be consumed before the offering of First Fruits. This was to take place after Passover but before the seven days of Unleavened Bread was complete.

Fruit of the Ground Accepted

Now for a perpetual statue the First Fruits of the earth could be accepted and revered by God. The act that was not revered led to disappointment. The disappointment let to a choice – do good or do evil. Sin waited anxiously for Cain’s decision. The choice was murder. When God redeemed the first born, He also rectified Cain’s fumblings with the grain offering.

God revealed the importance of Feasts, convocations, and sacrifices. These elements must be critical to His Perfect Plan for the Promised Son. Would He be the first born? How much longer would it be? God was not done laying the ground work for the Plan. Israel was still lacking the wisdom and relationship with God they would need. BUT God is faithful and God’s timing is perfect.

It’s your turn; Are you a first born? Have you dedicated your life or some part of it to God’s service? Did you struggle thinking what you offered to God wasn’t good enough? Share your thoughts. Like it and share with your friends. Share the Journey with me to learn more about this Advent Son.

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