An Advent Journey

Why Holidays, Why Advent:

Join me for an Advent journey of connections, to God and to others.

Let the Advent Journey begin, looking behind to look ahead

Let the Advent Journey begin, looking behind to look ahead

Why Holidays?

Holidays modify your schedule and disrupt you rhythm. Holidays have expectations and commitments. We gear up for the holidays and settle back in afterwards. Holidays disrupt life and can be stressful. Holidays are not valuable because they break up the monotony of the year. Holidays are valuable to remind us why we are here and to focus our lives and energy on the important things. God established holidays in the form of holy days and festivals as lasting ordinance. Why Holidays? By celebrating holidays with the correct focus and attitude we can follow the 2 Commandments Jesus gave us; Love God and love others. Holidays are all about connections.

Why Advent?

Advent is celebrated or recognized in different variations as a special custom of Christmas. Four candles set in a circle around a fifth center candle. Different size candles in purple, pink, or white are used. This beautiful array is the Advent Wreath.

Advent can also be celebrated with a calendar designed to count down the days till Christmas. The timeline can last between forty days, four Sundays and Christmas Eve, or just one day. It isn’t about how you do advent but what you focus on.

Advent means coming. We celebrate the first Advent of Christ at Christmas. Christmas reminds us that Jesus, the messiah, came and changed the world. Through Advent we remember He came as a baby, not a war lord with a cavalry. Unto you is born this day a savior. And this is a sign, you will find Him wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger. That was the coming of the Messiah more than 2000 years ago.

Advent 2015

For many Advent started November 29, 2015. It is not an empty religious ritual, but a time of preparation. Over the 25 days to Christmas I am going to share my version of Advent for 2015. Christmas has elements of remembrance and traditions. Some traditions we can’t even explain, we just continue them to connect today with yesterday. Connecting times past with today is also seen in personal relationships. People who have moved away journey home. Old friends contact each other. Cards and letters are sent to reconnect family and friends.

Christians remember the first advent, the first coming of the Son of God that opened the door for the world to connect with God. Christians also anticipate Christ’s Second Advent.

I’m embarking on an Advent journey to make connections between what Christ has done, what He will do and how it applies to my life today in 2015. I’m not sure where this journey of connections will take us, I’m excited to see all God has to reveal and what I will learn in the process. Looking back in all Christ has done, look forward to all He will do, and apply it to right now.

I encourage you to join me. Post a comment below and you can become part of the journey by connecting, offering input, and sharing what God is doing in your life.

©2015 Elayne Cross


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