Advent Prophets

Advent Journey Day 8 – Advent Prophets

With advent priests, Advent Prophets. God spoke to the Patriarchs; Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. The nation of Israel expanded and the priests did their best to complete their duties faithfully. But they were human and their pay was dependent on their services rendered, so evil found a way in. The priests operate as the hands of God while Prophets speak from the heart of God. There were several priests, but few prophets. Their roles distinct and complementary.

Advent Prophets 2015

God sent seven Advent to point us toward the Advent Son; hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets.

Prophets are filled with the Spirit and spoke directly from God becoming His human messenger. Prophets blessed and anointed but they also warned and condemned. If a prophet’s message didn’t happen, they were killed. This eliminated most temptation to tell people what they wanted to hear to earn extra pay. Their few numbers made their message valuable and important. Many people feared the prophet because he had a tendency to tell you all that you had done.

Prophetic Blessing

God told the Prophets what He wanted blessed and to speak it over the person or area. Balaam was a Prophet who was hired to curse someone, God intervened. Then Balaam saw it was Israel. He told his employer he couldn’t curse what God had blessed, and went on to bless Israel’s camp.

Blessings also came in the form of anointing. Samuel anointed David to be king and Elijah anointed Elisha to be the Prophet to replace Elijah.

Prophetic Curse

Similar to blessings if they come from God, they will happen. Both anointed blessing and curses can be instant or for some time in the future. David was anointed King as a youth but didn’t become king until he was thirty years old. A standing rule of curses is that if God blessed it, you can-not curse it, unless you want the curse on yourself. This is the general belief behind why Noah cursed Canaan and not Ham. Canaan was much like his father and God blessed Ham.

Prophetic message

A prophetic message takes two forms. The first is a revelation of knowledge about someone’s past or current behavior. The Prophet Nathan was sent to David to confront him about Bathsheba and Uriah. This message revealed God was calling David into account for raping Bathsheba and killing Uriah. The message then went on to talk about what was going to happen. This is the second type of prophetic message, a foretelling of what is yet to happen.

Advent Prophets

God acts as a prophet and tells some people directly things about themselves or what’s going to happen. The Patriarchs, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all prophetic. After the ordination of priests, God called or anointed Prophets to speak through. God ordered and orchestrated His Plan for the Advent Son. Potions of His Plan were foretold through His Prophets.

Bible as memorial and Prophetic Message

The Old Testament is grouped under two major names; The Law and The Prophets. However Hebrew Scripture, also called the Old Testament, is divided into three divisions; The Law (Torah), The Prophets (Nebhim), and The Writings (Kethubim). These three words for the word TaNaKh to denote the Hebrew Scriptures.

Advent Journey Continues

During this Advent Journey I am intentionally not using any Scripture beyond the TaNaKh while we seek God’s Prophetic Messages concerning the Promised Son that He told Eve would crush the head of the serpent and finalize the curse.

God not only shared information through His Prophets He preserved it through the Written TaNaKh. Some prophetic is clear such as when Samuel anointed David to be king. Some prophetic messages are symbolic like when Nathan described David’s actions as a rich ruler stealing the only sheep of a countryman.

During this journey we have looked at how God has sent hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets to direct us toward the coming Son, the Advent Son. With these seven Advents along with the TaNaKh we will continue our journey through Scripture toward the Advent Son.

Heavenly Father,

Creator of all that is seen and unseen, You alone are worthy of praise and worship. Your mercy reached down and formed me to be part of Your plan. I am undone knowing You desire to hear my praise, and bless the work of my hands. Thank You Lord for the blessings You have sent. The blessing of hope, covenant, intervention, life, memorials, priests, and prophets.

Thank You for preserving Your Holy Scriptures to remind me of Your abundant love and justice. Holy God I ask You give me ears to hear what You are revealing in Your Word. Bless my eyes to see Your move in my life and where You would have me serve You by serving Your children. Thank You for this opportunity to dig through Your Word and learn more about Your love for me.

In Jesus Name, Amen

©2015 Elayne Cross

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