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Praying Mom

Motherhood is no laughing matter. I have prayed with Mothers of sick babies. Kindergartners before the first day. Before middle school. Before the first date. I prayed during the pregnancy and delivery of my grandchildren. Mothers of preschoolers, football players, new drivers, toddler and teenage temper tantrums, I have prayed about it all. I am a praying mom! I recently learned first-hand what it’s like to be an anxious mom.

Anxious mom
Anxiety feeds on fear that can only be overcome through trusting the Lord.

Peaceful Mom

I have had my share of fears and concerns but I learned long before I had children peace was available after a conversation with Father God. The Holy Spirit rushes my heart like a balm washing out the concern with peace. Things didn’t change instantly, sometimes they even got worse before they got better but I changed. How I approached the situations changed and prayer became my crutch.

Crying Mom

I’m not saying I was perfect and without concern. I cried when we didn’t have money to buy the toys everyone else had. I cried when my kids did or said things that hurt me. I cried when my kids were left out, called names, or were suspended from school. I cried at IEP meetings and parent teacher conferences. Yet the crying led to prayer and prayer led me back to peace even when I didn’t understand anything God was up to.

Confused Mom

Because I had my crutch I was confused when people I knew were anxious about their children. Some people I discounted as disconnected from God. The ones I knew loved God and trusted Him left me scratching my head. I would often include “I just don’t understand” within my prayers as I prayed for them and their situation. I didn’t.

Then my daughter came home and said she wanted to go to Prom.

All those opportunities with all those kids and when my youngest, age nineteen, told me she wants to go to prom, it hits. Anxiety knotted my stomach and trickled down my spine. Being the confidant prayer warrior I prayed. I would like to say I prayed with faith and trust that opened my heart to the Holy Spirit’s comfort and peace. NO, I prayed out of anxiety, fear, and dread. My focus was “what if” and “let her forget”. Therefore I did the logical thing and forgot about it.


Nine days before Prom I got a call from the school. Monique’s teacher called to see if I knew Monique wanted to go to Prom. And that she had asked a boy to be her date. She didn’t forget, she got a date.

That little taste of anxiety I had boiled over into an ah-ha moment. I get it. Even when I wanted to pray fear seemed to surround me. The little peace I received seemed fleeting. This was happening and I had no escape and no control.

Fear of others

I wasn’t anxious about drinking, reckless driving, or sex. I was anxious for Monique; rejection, isolation, bullying seemed not only possible but probable. Additionally I was anxious about Monique contributing by reacting or behaving in a way that would exacerbate a stressful situation. Prom is a big deal for many teens and I didn’t know how they would respond to her and her autism. But Prom was coming so in a week she got a dress, haircut, nails painted, flowers and dinner plans.

God stretched My Trust

God has stretched my trust and my confidence. The Holy Spirit had settled my spirit before Prom but I thought it was a resignation to an unknown. Little did I know how much my trust was growing. A few days before Prom I started to tell God, and myself, I trust Him. I was trying to convince myself that I trusted God, but I still had doubts.

Monique and her school community make me cry. Prom was yesterday and it was GREAT. We picked up her date and took them to dinner then off to Prom. They were greeted and welcomed wholeheartedly. She danced with her date till she tuckered him out then went out to dance with others. She got pictures with friends and memories for life.

Blessed is the Mom who trusts in the Lord … She is deeply rooted in prayer and will not be anxious.

(from Jeremiah 17:7-8)

© 2016 Elayne Cross


I’m Thankful for Forks

There is a long-held belief that you don’t really know something until you have taught it. Another common belief is practice makes perfect. Some simple sounding concepts, like thankfulness, take both.

The desire to teach my children things I thought I knew, taught me a depth and appreciation I may not have learned otherwise. Thankfulness was one of those things I leaned more about while teaching my children. Like most families it started with basic manners, say ‘thank-you’.

When my kids were young we would take turns during the prayer for dinner sharing one thing we were thankful for. I remember distinctly my kids mentioning things that may sound trite or insignificant, like forks. Sometimes I think they were stumped for an idea and other times they were just being silly. As a home school mom I lived in the spirit of teachable moments. Through a few open-ended questions, we all learned a little bit more about thankfulness.

This week I had the blessing of celebrating the birthday of my 2-year-old grand-daughter. When I think about people or things I am thankful for I realize they have some significance or value. My grand-daughter is no different, but what about forks?

Gratefulness verses Thankfulness

If you look up the definition of grateful and thankful you’ll notice they are almost identical. If I asked you if there’s a difference, you would probably say yes but not with a lot of confidence. If I asked you what the difference was you might find it difficult to articulate it. If I asked you the difference between a grand-daughter and a fork you could rattle off many things.

Gratefulness is an awareness of something you appreciate because of its value or usefulness. I can be grateful for forks, but the word grateful seems too weak an adjective for my grand-daughter. In fact when looking in my thesaurus under grateful the first word is thankful.

Why does Thankfulness feel stronger than Gratefulness?

To be grateful is the extent of our human ability to appreciate something’s value. Thankfulness is a spiritual term and with it comes the power of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not once in the Bible, in any translation is the word “grateful” used. Thankful appears more than fifty times.

Psalm 100:4 “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, be thankful to Him, bless His name.” (NKJV)

In Hebrew the words thanksgiving (towdah) includes the root word thankful (yadah) and both have similar definitions. It’s in the definition where the spiritual aspect becomes clear. They can both be translated into the word praise.

Some of the other translated meanings for thankful (yadah) is confess, thank offering, and cast out – like casting out your hands toward heaven in worship.

To be thankful is to worship. To thank God for His blessing, to confess His goodness, to praise Him for all He has done and all He is doing. It is a conscience declaration that you noticed God’s move in your life and circumstances.

Thankful for forks?

So when my son Nathanael said he was thankful for forks, I asked him why. The conversation over macaroni-and-cheese and fish-sticks was worship in a beautiful way. By the end of our discussion, which lasted through dinner, we had recognized God’s bounty for us. Our ability to…

  • eat without getting our hands dirty
  • enjoy being together
  • eating not starving
  • be in a warm home
  • live in a safe neighborhood

We thanked God for…

  • the people God had put into our lives
  • the people who worked to catch the fish
  • those who processed it.
  • the grocery store where we buy most of our everyday needs.

Every once in a while when the kids are over for dinner one will mention thankfulness for forks. We laugh and smile knowing how profound that statement really is.

Pray with me;

Lord Father in heaven thank you for all the blessing I see, and all the blessings I have let go unnoticed. Your love and mercy are all around me. Give me eyes to see more of what You have already given to me. Thank You for giving Your Son Jesus and the people You have put into my life.

In Jesus name, Amen

It’s Your Turn,

How does your family show their thankfulness? Have you had any family discussions like my family? Would you like to try it and come back and let me know how it went. What are you thankful for?

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©2015, Elayne Cross