Reason 2 Vote For Trump

2nd Reason to Vote For Trump – Not Against her

Vote for Trump because he is a businessman, the second in a series looking at our choice this November. Seeking reasons to Vote for Trump not just against the other. People study business and start businesses but few reach the billion dollar level. Is this a valuable asset to being chosen for president? YES, here are 4 reasons why.

OneTrump has Earned Billions

September 29, 2016, Trump is worth 4.5 Billion according to Forbes, number 324 of wealthy individuals. The list includes billionaires from innovative technology, science, and wealth management. The 400 wealthiest people in the United States  represent $2.4 trillion collectively, just twelve percent of our national debt. Earning billions results from providing a service or product others find valuable, innovative, and worthy of spending money on. Many billionaires also make money investing in other businesses.

Two – Trusted with Investment  

Yes Trump’s grandmother invested a small amount comparatively in his initial idea but Donald had big dreams and big plans so she set him free to try. Donald Trump worked hard and built a reputation that has earned him the trust of investors.

Growing the Trump brand requires working with other companies and organizations. Trump has virtually 100 % name recognition because of his focus building the Trump brand. His reputation to get things done opens doors and opportunities. Any company at this level needs investment and collaboration of others while success pivots on leadership.

Three – Leadership Skills

Effective leaders are engaged, active, and responsible for their businesses success. Donald Trump’s leadership and management of the Trump Organization and brand has exceeded Elizabeth Trump & Son’s potential. His unique style is revealed in part through The Apprentice. Although a  TV show, a good deal of his style is exposed including his willingness to listen to input, change his mind, enforce a time line and expect high standards. Employees describe him as generous, merciful, compassionate, and giving while also calling him firm, demanding, and organized.

Four – Negotiation Skills

Trump has written on negotiating and one of negotiations basic skills is The Ask. Simply asking for something can move a negotiation in your favor, even after the deal is secured. Successful businessmen negotiate constantly from the cost of raw materials to the time and place of a meeting. Excellent negotiation alone can generate business success limiting costs and controlling outcomes.

Reason 2 to Vote for Trump is he’s a Businessman.

Politicians don’t create jobs, poor and lower wage earners don’t hire people for full time work businessmen like Donald Trump do. Successful businessmen calculate the costs, cast a vision and through leadership work it into reality. Making America great by reducing the debt, increasing employment and creating a budget takes a businessman as president. The U.S. government employs about 22 million people and creates nothing, no wealth and no asset. An experienced businessman can trim and cut where necessary while creating an environment where employers hire for high skill, high quality, high pay positions.

Will you Vote For Trump? Do we need some business sense in Washington D.C.?

©2016 Elayne J Cross


Big G little g what begins with g?

Big G
George lost his gold in a gorge! What is he to do?

Big G little g what begins with g?

Identifying objects by the first letter is an activity used to teach people the relationship between a letter and its sound. Giraffe and gold both begin with g but represent the two different sounds of the letter. J and g sound the same but are used differently. There are rules to help students learn, such as I before e except after c…

Big G little g

Capitalization is based on whether a noun is proper or common. Proper nouns include names and titles; George versus gorge. One a person’s name, the other a valley. Is government a proper noun? Should it be capitalized?

The word government describes the controlling structure of an organization or country. The United States government is divided into three distinct branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. These separate-but-equal branches were established to function as checks-and-balances to prevent the rise of a governing class.

What is the difference between God and god?

Little g god, represents a non-specific object of worship. Big G God, refers to the Most High God, the God of the Bible for Christians and Jews. God is a specific god.

Government or government?

On the other hand government is not a proper noun and should only be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence. Yet many people look to government is if it’s God, or Government.

Government overreach is a subjective topic, how far is too far and what can or should be beyond the governments reach? Before you answer, first let’s define the responsibilities of the individual. People of faith, Christians and Jews, look to God as the source of life, liberty, happiness, provision, protection, peace, and strength. Subjective to these truths, God established the provision and authority of government.

Moses followed Jethro’s advice to created a leadership network over the Israelite’s. God set apart the priest’s to complete all the requirements of the Law, and Prophets to speak for Him. Within the relationship between God and government individuals rely on God, and the church, with their needs related to life, liberty, happiness, provision, protection, peace, and strength along with the essential human connection of community.

When government possesses the responsibility to meet the needs of individuals its role is elevated to God. Making government – Government. Let me offer an example.

Desperate and broken people looking help are sent to the government welfare office. The help they receive is machine-like. Their unique situation is quantified in generalities of dollars and cents. In essence the individual becomes dehumanized to a number on a piece of paper. The government solution includes a set of regulations and limitations creating in essence a master-slave relationship. Individuals quickly become entrapped and true freedom becomes expensive. There is little human interaction in the process leaving the person with a fish but no skills to fish. It’s important to eat. It’s hard to teach yourself how to fish when you are in distress. So more and more freedom is willingly relinquished to the master-government for some daily fish and bread.

God not government

God is a proper noun. Proper nouns signal a distinct person, place, or thing. The One and only God versus generic government. God gives you a name. He knows how many hairs are on your head, and cares deeply for you. To government you are a number, case number, social security number, ID number all easily sorted, tracked, and forgotten.

Government isn’t evil, it’s ordained by God. But when we look to government to fill the role of God, it blocks the true source of life, liberty, and happiness. It strips your identity to a number: social security, welfare, or prison ID. Government serves a God ordained role in society but it’s limited, and mechanical.

No one is without value to God, therefore no one should be without value to us. People in distress desperately need someone to care and human connections. Finding value as a child of God ignites the spark of encouragement to learn to fish.

Human connections make the difference. Your identity comes from the Father and is unique and special just for you. God desperately wants a relationship with you. When people in need seek the big G of God and His people, blessings flow. Chains are broken. Identities are restored. And Freedom reigns.

Your Turn

How are you serving others as an ambassador of God? Where do you turn first? Are you accessible to those in distress around you? Share your story below, I would love to hear about it


Political Change You Can Believe In

The debates put election season in full swing. We hear the fate of our nation and our way of life hang in the balance. Hope and change proliferated the atmosphere in 2007 followed by change we can believe in in 2011. Things have changed but much remains the same. This is as much a spiritual issue as a human one, what are the big issues? What issues matter? How much impact does my faith have on who I vote for? Should it?

The voice of Samuel resonates in my head. ‘They have not rejected you, they have rejected Me.’

Change you can believe in!

Those who fought the civil war fought about political changes. Choices matter.
©2015 Elayne Cross

1 Samuel 8 has the story of rejection and warning. I have many correlations to the election cycle, America, and God that I will share over the next year. Today is about the three questions above. The answers hold the key to voting for change you can believe in.

This is as much a spiritual issue as a human one, what are the big issues?

Our priest or pastor on Sunday and religious commentators resonate with similar ideas from the warnings in the blood moons to the apparent cultural shifts that have altered American society. We are both flesh and spirit so politics has both human and spiritual implications. It is not as neat and clean as a movie or comic book where the evil one is obvious and distinct from the good. It’s more like I have seen the enemy and it is us.

1 Samuel 8:3 says But Samuel’s sons didn’t follow Samuel’s ways. But is a powerful word in Bible reading. Do we have a responsibility? The big issue is, do we serve God or man? This is a question each one should ask themselves, if Jesus were standing by you what issue would matter? Does the Holy Spirit have influence in your life or have you relegated Him to a narrow place outside your ideas or desires first as a human. God was rejected as the leader of the nation in Samuel’s time. Samuel, God’s Prophet felt that rejection. Our nation’s heritage is based on Judeo-Christian ideals. Who changed? Not God!

What issues matter to God? What issues matter to me?

I can tell you what issues matter to me, and you can tell me yours. Those may change from day-to-day. Since I am just flesh and not all-knowing. I must seek advice from God. It sounds trite to some but He is all-knowing, so I ask. Lord what is Your thought about ____? God’s response is like that annoying, but excellent, teacher that puts the question back on you with some Socratic question. “What do you think the result will be?” Followed by “And the result of that?”

Does it matter what the next president looks like? Do the decisions they make matter? Do we judge based on the content of their character or the color (or gender) of their skin?

  • Saul was educated and Timothy was young.
  • Deborah and Jezebel were influential women.
  • Saul flip-flopped to become Paul and Judas was one of Jesus disciples.

Is the issue age, education, gender, influence, changing you mind, or who you know? From each pair there is only one choice for me.

God and America stand on freedom, but. But, freedom is messy because freedom includes choices. Some choices are bad and with them come bad consequences. If you want to know the real issues, look at the consequences of the choices made by previous representatives. Do you want more? Do you think a flip-flop on the idea is in order? If it needs changed, how?

How much impact does my faith have on who I vote for? Should it?

The root of this question is the value I place on my faith. For many it is important to know what happens after death. Will I go to heaven or hell? Will I hear some “well done good and faithful servant” line as I pass through the pearly gates? Does your faith have value only for your personal eternity? Does it have value and influence for your time here? You will be judged good and faithful based on what you do on this side of time.

Change you can believe in!

The gift you have is today. The gift you offer is what you do with today. Today you have the freedom to make choices, help impact those around you, serve God’s children, and leave the world a little better than it would be without your presence. If what you do is all about you, your faith doesn’t matter. If your faith matters, what you do is about serving others and helping them find their way closer to God, today. How? Make your choices based on God’s truth not the wisdom of man. Impact others through love and service. Find ways to improve the world.

Watch for more posts as the election cycle continues. For now did this make you think? What issues do you think are on God’s heart? What issues would you like me to discuss? Comment below, share on Facebook or forward to a friend. I would love to hear what you think.

©2015 Elayne Cross