Preserving Political Liberties

Liberty is a Gift from God,

People died to give us Political Liberty!

We must Preserve Political Liberty to preserve America. To worship and serve God in whatever manner you choose. The Constitutional Convention sought to decentralize political power and eliminate religious oppression, not sanitize public life of God. The Founding Fathers could not imagine the United States denying the existence of God. Christianity is the backbone of the political construct in the United States.

We must exercise our liberties to preserve them. Before America, every nation had a ruler and an acceptable religion. If you believed differently they persecuted you. To prevent tyranny, the writers of the Constitution, divided the powers and responsibilities between the three branches of government. They went further to divide between the states and the federal government. Yet over time, the separation of power has become muddled.

Personal responsibility, truth and justice describe the rule of law. When we abandon accountability, compassion becomes abusive. Exceptions weaken justice through excuses. Centralized power and usurpation of duties has blurred the lines of separation. Political correctness has overtaken responsibility. To Preserve Political Liberty we must recover what has been lost while revisiting history as it was.

Every freedom we have came at a great price therefore it is our duty to preserve liberties and pass them onto the next generation.

Preserving Political Liberty mission is two-fold.

  1. Learn from history through the lens of the time rather than judging it with current societal beliefs. Use historical lessons to help Christians understand their Political Liberties while enabling them to exercise their Political Liberties.
  2. To prevent the further erosion of Political Liberties, demand full adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we begin to stand against exceptions and excuses we will not lose our freedoms .

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