Preserving Christian Liberty

Liberty is a Gift from God!

God our Creator is passionate about freedom and each individual must Preserve Christian Liberty. To exercise your liberty and live life based on how God created us to live in community requires a balance of grace and justice. Compassion and mercy must function within a system of personal accountability.

Unfortunately, Christians wounded by other Christians have fled Christian community. To address church wounds and teach the fundamentals of Christian living I provide this concise yet thorough resource.

Preserving Christian Liberty mission is two-fold.

  1. To help Christians live out their God given Liberties. Every freedom we have came at a great price. It is our duty to preserve those liberties and pass them onto the next generation.
  2. To see the wounded by the church feel safe and comfortable to return to community. We need you and we want you serving alongside us, not allowing your gifts and talents to sit idle.


Cross Bible Studies:

In an effort to dig deep into Scripture and reconnect with much of what was lost when the Christian’s isolated themselves from Judaism I have written to explore how God designed this world and how we are to be a light in the darkness.

Ruth will be published before the end of 2017

Esther is almost finished.

Wounded Church:

My book Wounded Church addresses five major areas of religious wounds;

  1. Domestic Violence – victim perspective
  2. Domestic Violence – aggressors perspective
  3. Special Needs Children
  4. The way we hurt each other with words of judgment and condemnation
  5. Leadership related wounds

It also includes a series of chapters full of fundamentals of the faith directed toward the issues of deep wounds and lack of trust.

  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Forgiveness
  • Reading the Bible
  • Identity – Value & Purpose

I expect to have the book published before the end of 2017. Interested in ordering a copy? Please send a comment below and I will notify you when I will start taking orders.

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