Reason 1 to Vote for Trump

Not Just Voting Against – But Vote For

I am often asked by voters for a reason to vote for Trump. They have reasons to vote against Hilary but don’t want to just vote against her. I will be sharing several reasons to vote FOR Trump.

I have heard the question enough so I decided to invest some time to lay the case to Vote For Trump. He wasn’t my first choice, and I knew better than to get too vested too early. Things change quickly in American Politics and I knew we would slowly have a choice. Someone to vote for. Trump. One reason to vote for Trump is character and I have four points to make my case.

One Man of his word

Ohio finally had some say in the primary. I’m disappointed at how it played out.

A man unwilling to stand by his pledge without due cause have no character. Making a pledge requires thought. The other candidates criticized Donald Trump for the delay. He weighed the consequences and eventually signed on. The character of the people who once criticized Trump for being slow to sign, have now severely diminished their own character by not following through. A man of character holds great value when they honor their word.

We can’t argue evidence of a candidate’s character in words alone. Character is subjective and difficult to judge from a distance. Making decisions and finding them poor takes character to admit. I was wrong, like other Americans who trusted the Republican candidates who signed the pledge but haven’t followed through. My character isn’t diminished by the failure of another. My character will be judged if I choose to believe them again, and I don’t plan to. It’s what we do that stands as evidence of character.


Before I go on I must make clear, having character does not prevent a person from being bold, forthright, or even crass. Leaders charged with major decision, affecting many people, will at times say or behave in a way that is judged as too strong or too weak. These are also subjective judgments depending on whether you agree or disagree with the decision or the results. We will look deeper for a reason to vote for Trump.

Two – Care of Others

Dr. Ronald E. Riggio in Psychology Today states “The best way to measure a leader’s character is to focus on how the leader treats followers – particularly those folks at the “bottom” of the organizational hierarchy – the so-called “little people.”” Let’s look at how they view us everyday people, those whom they hope to lead.

Everyday people

There are taxi drivers, construction workers, and sales clerks who testify to Donald Trump’s willingness to listen and respond positively to the advice of those doing the work. He routinely spends extra time at events signing and visiting with those who come to see him. He stated in Canton, Ohio that he is willing to go talk to all voters, whether they support him or not.

Hilary’s now famous “Baskets” comment is the most recent expression of hate. She has reached a point of intolerance in her theology of tolerance. (I will save that for another post.) Name calling, broad judgments, and accusations against people who don’t believe as she does sounds more like a bully on the playground of an elementary school, not the potential next leader of the free world.

Three – Upright Council

I’m not going to talk about strange deaths but a key piece of character evidence is who one surrounds themselves with. So lets see what we find.

The Democratic National Convention suffered a shock and sudden leadership change immediately following the convention. Leaked emails revealed a plethora of shady, vulgar, and devious activities within the leadership to help ensure Hilary’s victory by force not by democratic choice. Immediately after the director resigned from the DNC she was hired by Hilary to help with her campaign and operate freely within Hilary’s inner circle.

Donald Trump has a supporter in his inner circle who has boldly exposed her own weakness to reveal his character. Lynne Patton revealed her battle with addiction. It should have cost her job but it became a bridge to a new life when she told her boss, Donald Trump. He didn’t abandon her but called out her true self and helped her gain victory. Lynne’s story is on YouTube and viewed almost 4 million times. She still has a job and has encouraged Trump to use her story to help him craft a policy to help fight the addiction problem we face as a nation.

Four – Character Trickles Down

Now before you discount the value of character and the role of the President we must first look at the impact character does to moral and success. Fred Kiel in Return on Character “identified four moral principles—integrity, responsibility, forgiveness, and compassion—as universal.” Leaders who rated high on these principles not only had greater success but were “raked higher as ratings for vision and strategy, focus, accountability, and executive team character.”

Reason 1 to Vote for Trump is character.

The little I know from first-hand experience doesn’t limit how much I can see and learn. Neither are perfect and without weakness but one stands above the other in character. Careful to give his word knowing he will stand behind it baring extreme circumstances. Care and concern for all, regardless of their regard for him or his personal gain. Surrounded with good council and willing to learn and listen. Knowing how well the President leads will trickle down and impact my life in small and large ways not yet apparent. All this points to character as a reason to vote for Trump.

What do you think? It is a hot topic and one that can become passionate but one worth discussing. Stay positive in your comments, but share. I would love to hear your thoughts.

©2016 Elayne J Cross

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