You Are Creative

“I’m not creative!” “I’m not an artist.” I’ve said these things after admiring beautiful artistic creations. I fall into the art appreciation camp. At least I thought I did. But God has worked at changing my mind. Over the last year I have heard the Holy Spirit whisper reply, “Yes you are!” “You don’t get it! You are creative.”

Every time I think about other people being creative and decide I’m not, someone says something to the contrary. Sometimes I just want to be left alone in my wallowing, poor me attitude, But God seems to show up right on cue. So I’ve decided it’s time to reevaluate my thinking.

My husband heard about a new quilt show forming in the area through a relative and told me about it. Mildly interested the topic came and went. Two months ago he mentioned it again and had a flyer with the web site and show dates. My interest growing, checked it out. The submission deadline was a few weeks away and I had this wild thought. Ok I say it was a wild thought but I know it was the Holy Spirit. See God was on this “you are creative” push to change my thinking.

The requirements stated the quilts must have been completed in the last three years. I had recently completed my second quilt ever for my granddaughters third birthday. It was not fancy pieced together patterns full of intricate stitching. It’s basic; a top pieced of squares, bottom, and a middle filler that is sewn through all three layers. But it was carefully planned and assembled with love. I wouldn’t call it a piece of art, but I created it. Hummmm, maybe God has a point.

I entered that quilt, crooked seams and all into the show. Feeling a surge of excitement realizing that I am at least a little creative, I decided to enter a book of animals I made the year before for her second birthday. I chuckled to myself thinking I now had an excuse to go to the show, and drag my husband along.

Two weeks ago I got an email. “Congratulations! Your quilt, ‘Audrey’s Animal Book’ won second place.”

God definitely had my attention now. This is the first ribbon I have won for anything beyond, participation. I’m not even successful at silent auctions. I work hard and do my best but comparatively speaking, I’m OK not exceptional.

Comparatively speaking! Artistic creativity! Those are the key words. Going through this exciting discovery about my creativity I realized something, two things actually.

  1. Comparatively speaking is a human endeavor and in the right context it’s valuable and important. When it comes to determining my value, as an individual child of God, it is deadly. I allowed myself to judge my ability to create based on the quality of the people around me. I have some incredibly talented people in my circle of friends and family. Their creativity is not a reflection of mine. Creativity is not finite, it’s infinite.
  2. Semantics matters. Creativity is not synonymous with artistic. When I think of someone being creative I think about artists who paint, draw, or sew masterpieces. Being artistic is about creating things that are aesthetically pleasing or moving. Artists make things that look good and stir emotions. Creation is the act of producing something that was not here before, like this blog. Creativity is the spark that inspires us to create something new.

God Created You – Therefor You Are Creative

You Are Creative

IN the beginning God created; male and female He created us to create

God created man; male and female, in His own image. (Genesis 1:27) What is God’s image?

Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created.” Here we encounter one aspect of His image He has built into us. God is creative, He makes things that were not there before. He made this world, and universe with all its beauty & wonder, laws & structure. God created us. God created you and God created me. New, unique, and creative, He created us. God created man; male and female, to create.

Art is about the visual and according to artistic principles are “involving only aesthetic considerations, usually taken as excluding moral, practical, religious, political, or similar concerns:”

The creativity is what makes a picture worth a thousand words. I believe that without our creativity, we would be incapable of making art. You are creative because you are made in the image of the creator, God. You may create beautiful art, I create with words. There is only one you, and only you can create your creations.

I want to hear about you. How do you reflect God in your creativity? Do you create innovative ways for people to save for retirement? Do you create music, paintings, or quilts? Do you prepare yummy food for your family in creative ways?

©2015 Elayne Cross


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