Questioning past decisions for positive results

As Christians we try to seek God’s direction when making major decision. We pray about finding a job, a spouse, a home, and a good church. Looking for direction with major decisions is wise, getting that direction from God, and Godly counsels is wisdom. Sometimes it still seems like there is no clear direction to take. Sometimes even years later, I question past decisions.

questioning past decisions

Questioning past decisions can lead to doubt and fear, or it can lead to clarity and peace.

When I started college, I had an idea of what I wanted to do when I graduated. As a sophomore I decided that the requirements after graduation were not going to work well with my life situation. So I struggled to decide on a new major. I changed major, then changed it again, still I wasn’t settled with the decision. Each time I prayed seeking direction but never felt like I got a clear answer.

From my perspective this was a huge decision. What I would be doing would be important to God! Wasn’t it? I slowly realized a pull of the Holy Spirit to just decide knowing every place people are, Christians can make a difference. I chose science education as my major and had some peace. I realized no matter what career I had, I should take Christ with me. Even into the public school.

Questioning Past Decisions

Here I am a few years later and I’m not working as a science teacher. I wonder if I asked God the right questions? Was there a better major? Was I so focused on me and my life that I couldn’t think beyond the few choices I was considering? Had I boxed myself, and my choices, in?

Many times in life we look back and wonder these sorts of things. The human perspective wonders: what was, what could have been, and what I missed.

God doesn’t view our experiences, good or bad from the human perspective. Life here on earth is boot-camp for eternity. The questions I need to ask are

  • What did I learn through the process of getting my degree?
  • Am I closer to God now than I was then?
  • What or Who influenced me and drew me away from God?
  • In what way did God help me become more like Christ?
  • Am I able to use what I now know to help others along their journey?
  • Who influenced my life negatively – but pushed me to God?
  • Who influenced my life positively – and pushed me closer to God?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.

Fear and doubt about decisions you made yesterday only steal the precious time you have today.

Trust God’s plan for you. If He wants you somewhere He is capable of making it happen.

Questioning past decisions can lead to doubt and fear, or it can lead to clarity and peace.

I learned a lot just getting my degree.

The experiences I went through at that time have helped me.

  • I am closer to God
  • I have healthy interpersonal relationships
  • I have wisdom to share with those following behind
  • The negative events pushed me to God.
  • Some positive things tried to draw me away from God
  • I learned to recognize it when I was being pulled away from God
  • Positive people revealed to me God’s love and acceptance.

I’m not a science teacher in a public school but I got a great education.

Questioning past decisions taught me about God, and about myself.

Don’t look back and second guess the choices and decisions you made. Look back asking, how far have I come? Can I see God directing my path? Then ask God – What next?

Your turn. Are you willing to share a decision that didn’t turn out as you planned but God used it for something good? Looking back is beneficial when we do it through a heavenly perspective, I would love to hear about how God has directed your path.

© 2015 Elayne Cross


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