And to think that I saw it on Erin Street

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street! If you haven’t had the joy of reading the book by Dr. Seuss, I will tell you it’s about a boy and his father. The father is trying to get his son to pay attention, see the things happening around him. From the boys perspective there is nothing to see, so he crafts this grandiose tale to tell his father. And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street!

And to think that I saw it on Erin Street!

I was reminded of this book at 8:00AM this morning. This is not a time I’m usually on the road, but my daughter forgot her locker key so I made a trip to the high school. I came around a corner and saw a school bus picking up elementary age students. My first thought was ‘why did I go through a neighborhood?’

One stop finished, drive fifty feet and the lights flash red. Second stop completed. At this point I’m laughing. Drive a hundred feet and on go the lights. A car has now pulled up behind me. A mom, with her sweater pulled tight against the chilly morning waves from the left side of the road. I notice in my right peripheral a small boy. He is running, back pack bouncing with every step, arms trying to wave. Now a light has turned on in my head. Too late, the bus has started to pull away. I honk to no effect. The bus continues to the stop sign, no more opportunities for the boy.

The bus and I both turn right. I watch to see the father and the boy turn left. Time, 8:02. Thirty minutes until school starts. They may not let the kids into the building until 8:25. Hummm, bummer. And to think that I saw it on Erin Street. Not as poetic but life doesn’t always rhyme like a Dr. Seuss book.

What did I see today as I went about my way?

On Erin Street I saw a school bus, and more.

First stop; a mother with two children. One got on the bus, the other was swiftly ushered to the mini-van parked in the drive.

Second stop; the door opens and a young girl emerges. I look back to see an older sister following behind carrying her backpack on one shoulder and what looked like a coffee cup in the opposite hand. I noticed she walked funny. Then the object in her hand became clear, she was carrying a boot. One boot on, one boot in hand she made her way to the bus. Me laughing while Mom stood in her doorway until the bus started moving.

Third stop; mother and daughter waiting at the end of the drive. Together they watch for the signal from the driver to enter the street. The mom gives her an affectionate pat then pulls her sweater tight. A moment later she waves as she sees her daughter inside the bus. The lights go off just as I notice the boy in the grass to my right.

Pre-First stop; somewhere the bus stopped and boy wasn’t there.

And to think that I saw it on Erin Street. What did I see you ask? Life, beautiful and messy.

And to think that I saw it on Erin Street

You are not alone

The first mother was going places, now. She was organized, ready, and moving. Her children, were where she wanted them. The second mom watched as her daughter, shoe in hand, made the bus just in time. The third mom, went with her daughter as far as she could go. Then encouraged her on. The last was the lost boy. He missed his bus, his friends, his ride. But dad!

But his dad didn’t leave him behind, to find his own way, or figure it out alone. No this dad took his son, where he was unable to take himself. He took a different path. Maybe it was longer, maybe shorter. His road was full of “let’s go” “Oh No” and “I’ll get you there.” He got to ride with dad, and spend a few extra minutes with him.

I’ve had a day like each one of these families. The hurried day. The mad-dash. The calm and gentle days. And those ‘Oh NO’ heart pounding excitement days.

There are so many things this relates to. Raising kids, busy life, goal setting, or staying calm: But dad!

I would not describe my ‘real’ dad like the father I saw today. But, I have a dad like this, He is my Heavenly dad. He pushes me when I drag my feet, encourages me to keep going, and helps me get where I need to be. Today, He reminded me three things.

  1. He is with me even when I miss the bus.
  2. He loves me even when I don’t have it all together
  3. He will never leave me or forget me, in fact sometimes those days are really good days.

How do I know the three things above? He reminded me on Erin Street.

How has God reminded you of one or  these three things recently? I would love to hear. Please post a comment, or share this with a friend that may need reminded you and God care.

© 2015 Elayne Cross


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