Water Cycle

The Earths Water Cycle

I took Monique to a festival this weekend and she stopped at a booth that had a poster of the water cycle. She looked at the cloud and blue arrows headed toward the earth with trees, layers of rock, sand, dirt, and water below the surface. We talked about the process of precipitation, filtration, and respiration leading to more clouds.

The water cycle poster had other elements but this was enough in its simplistic beauty and profound importance to life. She told the man in the booth her teacher taught about the water cycle. He was satisfied and I didn’t have to listen to his spiel, win-win. We walked on and the cycle looped through my mind and again on Sunday. The water cycle not in the physical sense but the spiritual truth it represents.

Water Cycle

The Physical reflects the Spiritual in the water cycle as well. What we absorb as truth we express in words and deeds. Do you need a Spiritual Soaking in God’s Word?

Significance of Water

Water is a profound substance of God’s creation. Vital to all physical life, and vital to the spiritual as well. The physical water protects a baby in its mother’s womb. Unlike other substances water expands when it freezes to protect the abundant life hidden within all bodies of water. Otherwise lakes would freeze from the bottom up. Spiritual Water brings life, protects, and sustains us, without water we will die.

Spiritual Water Cycle

Spiritually water represents God’s Word and Wisdom. I water my plants on Wednesday – water Wednesday – by giving them a good soaking. On Sunday I saw that same connection – I get a good soaking on Sunday of God’s Spiritual Water for my thirsty soul. I read my Bible, pray, and talk about spiritual things but there is something special about Sunday service gathered with others to soak deeply from God’s Word and Wisdom.

I was reminded of the water cycle, God precipitates Wisdom and Spiritual water for us when I gather with others on Sunday, and any time I seek His Truth. It filters through me and I can become transformed, revived, and energized. And when opportunities arise I have the privilege of respiration – sharing God’s Wisdom and Truth through my words, and actions.

Soaking Sunday

Sometimes I am profoundly touched by what is said on Sunday, or what I read in the Word. Sometimes it’s a reminder of what I know to be Truth. God uses it all as I live out His Spiritual Water cycle. It brings life, encourages, sustains, reminds, and protects in so many ways.

It’s your turn. Have you heard something at church or Bible study that someone needed to hear from you a few days later? How are you soaking in God’s Word and Wisdom this summer? I would love to hear about it. Comment below and share your thoughts.


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