Girl with purple hair in heaven?

Purple Hair Perspective

My focus right now is Advent, My daughters Monique’s focus is purple hair. All writers talk about having moments when words seem slow in coming and ideas are fleeting. They call it writers block. I am blessed to have a muse, Monique. If I asked her about God she would have something to say. Sometimes they are profound. Sometimes she just offers tid-bits of ideas that make me stop and ponder. My Advent Journey looks back remembering and glorifying our long-suffering God. Monique looks forward. She is a girl with purple hair who loves God, and longs to take her purple hair with her to heaven.

Purple Hair

Advent Journey looks back, Monique looks forward. She’s a girl with purple hair who loves God, and longs to take her purple hair with her to heaven. Can she?


It started a few months ago. “When are we going to heaven?” “I want to go to heaven.” If your typical eighteen-year-old said these things you might suspect depression. Not Monique, she longs to be in the presence of God. Sometimes I think about Monique in glory, with a perfect and new mind.

In some ways she is in heaven now because in her simplicity, she is ignorant to many evils of the world. My husband is convinced we can have heaven on earth, based on perspective. Monique is in heaven, while waiting with great anticipation at being in heaven. These two uses are distinct and complimentary. We are to live with a Godly perspective and attitude toward everything life throws at us. We are also to be prepared to present ourselves before God and give an account.


God’s promises, His Covenant’s, even His Law bring a beauty to life with their order and their hope. During blessings and times of worship God is referred to as King. God ordained Priest, Prophets, and Judges to run His Kingdom. The young Nation of Israel looked to their pagan neighbors and wanted what they had, a human king. Not unlike Eve they appreciated the benefits without a careful consideration of the negatives.

There were good kings there were bad kings and so went the cycle of Israel. The conflict between good and evil remains today. Some live their life set on good from a heavenly perspective. Others see evil, hear evil, and do evil willfully denying the evidence of anything good.

God is THE Good King

Kings, Judges, Priests, and Prophets can be as ethereal as politics, middle management, and consultants. The beauty of Scripture is the depth and breadth of its teaching. With little effort you will find God is a pillar of justice. His Law is true, clear, and will be upheld. Additionally with little effort you will find God is merciful. God is both Just and Merciful.


Justice relies on a firm and established rule of order. When the laws are bent or manipulated because of emotions or bribery they have lost their value. God’s Laws are immovable because He has an absolute standard that will not be weakened. This perspective leads misinformed people to call God harsh, cruel, and unloving. God was the architect of Tough-Love. Because His standard is clear, no one has to guess if they have satisfied it or not. This also means when you break the Law, you are a law breaker, a sinner, a worker of iniquity. No questions remain.


In the Garden of Eden Adam was told eating the fruit of the tree of good and evil will lead to death. That is the standard. Now all people born from their seed, aka everyone, is born into death because of this sin. Immediately God provided mercy through sacrifice and the Law. If one could pay the full price required by the Law, then just as through one death came, life would be restored.

Every intervention, every Covenant, every promise uttered and kept by God is an act of His Mercy.

  • The birth of Seth, Mercy
  • The salvation of Noah, Mercy.
  • The Abrahamic Covenant, Mercy.
  • The substitutional sacrifice for Isaac, Mercy.
  • The Priest, Prophets, Judges, and kings, Mercy.
  • Giving the Law, Mercy.
  • Preserving Scriptures, Mercy
  • Foretelling Prophetic Messages, Mercy

Monique loves her purple hair and wants to have purple hair in heaven. Maybe, maybe not. I get joy from her happiness. God is not a prude, He is Just and Merciful, and loves Monique way more than I do. All that God has sent to show His Mercy, to provide a way to have a relationship with us, leads me to believe God likes purple hair too.

It’s your turn. What do you think? Does God have room in glory for a girl who loves Him fiercely, anxiously awaits seeing Him face to face, and happens to love purple hair?

©2015 Elayne Cross


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