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Isiah 66:23 says it will be from new moon to new moon, Sabbath to Sabbath, and then all men will bow down before Me (God). What happens between two new moons? A full moon. A full moon penetrates the darkness reflecting light from the sun with such brightness it’s remarkable.

We all live in that time from new moon to new moon, from darkness to darkness. What happens in-between is the cycle of the moon. Mathew 5:16 is my life’s’ mission. “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (KJV).

My imperfect self doesn’t allow me to be a full moon, always perfectly reflecting the Son. I have stories where my light is just a small crescent barely lighting the darkness. Yet, for those in the darkness the first sliver of light can bring hope. Through my teaching, speaking, and writing my mission is to encourage and equip others to live between the darkness, letting their light shine as a reflection of Jesus in them.

The most amazing truth is that God is not surprised, put-off, or embarrassed by any of our issues. Jesus grew up in a family on-the-run, thanks to Him. His parents had issues, His siblings had issues, His Disciples also had issues. Yet, He lived a life within the midst of it all, as an example for us all. Yes, we all want to hear “well done my good and faithful servant”. But before we get there; the judgment, crowns, gold and pearls, we live life here. Beautiful in the ugliness. I want to live a life reflecting Him. I want to help you live reflecting Him through your unique, beautiful mess relying on His grace and truth.

This is the story of my life: It was the worst of times becoming the best of times. Growing up is hard. It doesn’t matter in what location, family, or financial level you are born, everyone has a story. And every story has struggle. Through my own experiences I have learned what it means to struggle and fail and struggle and overcome. Maybe the best and worst of experiences are yet to come through personal unchartered waters. God’s truth is eternal and He has the solution for any situation we may encounter. It would be my honor to be a key-note, break-out, or featured Christian speaker for next event, retreat, or in-service seminar.

Speaking Topics.

It seems funny to make a list of things I can talk about. Frankly, I have to force myself to not talk when I’m in a group, even when I’m alone for that matter. Creation shouts of His glory, and I have learned to allow my eyes to see and ears to hear. Therefore I can, with God’s help, craft a presentation for your event. I actually prefer it that way, God helping me speak to your group what He wants to tell us.

Some topics:

Joy in the Journey; Finding joy through the road of life.

Power of Prayer; How I learned to pray, and then listen.

Thankfulness; The spiritual power hiding inside of this common activity.

Forgiveness; What it really means to forgive and how to know when you have.

Worship; It is not just songs, nor is it limited to a church service, it is the lifestyle of the redeemed and powerful.

Finding your purpose, value, and identity; You are not everything you think – you are much more.

Finding me – Finding you; My life, my story, my God goes with me and He wants to go with you.

Why it Hurts So Bad; Being a member of a church can be a real pain in the heart.

Authority and Leadership; Being the leader of a church can be a real pain in the heart.

Lead and Follow; We are all called to lead some and follow others, so let’s do both well.

One Body Broken for One Church; Finding unity through common belief of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

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