About Elayne

Political Christian

I have two passions; Christianity and American Politics

1. Christian Author/Speaker

To share truth from the word of God through writing and speaking, so as to enable unity within the body of Christ, and healing and growth in the individual.

I had my first opportunity to choose my spiritual path while in the third grade. My parents chose to discontinue their relationship with the Christian church. Their decision caused a crises of faith in my life.

It was a turning point in my faith that developed two life lessons that have encouraged me through many challenges.

  1. Pray believing God is listening
  2. Each person is individually responsible for his/her relationship with God.

It would be nice to say life continued happily ever after. Reality, life is hard. People can be cruel and the church can a painful place. I have seen many good people walk away from church or become pew warmers because the risk to step out is greater than isolation from other Christians. My goal is to draw people back to community with other Christians and stir a sense of unity between churches. Encouraging you to live bright in the darkness, let your light shine.

2. Political Activist



  • I wrote a book Wounded Church (released later this year)
  • I speak to groups large and small
  • I teach through this and other written and video outlets

If you would like more information about my book, look on the page on this site called Wounded Church

Interested in having me visit your church or group please contact me below.

©2015 Elayne Cross #woundedchurch #ejc

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